3rd Edition

Central Europe Meeting Point

Warsaw, April 22nd- 24th, 2008
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El Economista
  El Economista
elEconomista is a different social and economic newspaper, addressed to all that people who want to see reality through the economy, in its global dimension, to develop and foster their professional life. From business and managers to entrepreneurs, professionals, investors and consumers. The newspaper is designed so that everybody can understand it. It is written with checked information with the most diverse sources, due to its aim to show reality from all point of views. That is why elEconomista uses a clear language, to be understood from the first to the last line, from the front cover to the back cover. Because economy doesn’t have to be incomprehensible or boring. El Economista understands that accuracy doesn’t have to be at odds with humor, that is why jokes and caricatures are published, to proof that economy leaders have also their human and funny side. The keys to the world economy and the truth hidden in every news are found in elEconomista. The journalism style of elEconomista goes beyond, it is independent and investigation journalism. elEconomista has turned into the first socioeconomic newspaper of Spain.
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