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The "ULI Young European Leaders 2008", to take place at BMP
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Tuesday, 30 September 2008
For the first time ULI-Europe will be holding a one day seminar exclusively for European ULI Young Leaders outside their annual ULI Paris conference and Barcelona Meeting Point will be hosting this event on Thursday 6th November.

This seminar, moderated by ULI-Europe’s Senior Fellow, Greg Clark, will be an opportunity for Young Leaders to meet and hear from leading city and business leaders and gain valuable insights in to their expertise, experience and success. Attendees will gain practical knowledge that could give them the edge in the current market.

Confirmed speakers include Deputy Mayor Jordi William Carnes of the City of Barcelona, Ric Lewis, CEO of Curzon Global Partners, Santiago Mercadé, CEO of Layetana Desarrollos Inmobiliaria and Gilberto Jordan, CEO of André Jordan Group amongst others. (For more details go to the ULI website.)

The seminar will examine the tools and instruments that have allowed such successful development in Barcelona and give attendees the opportunity to learn how to make them effective in their own European context. Sessions include:

• Olympics and Beyond: examine the impact on host cities post-event
• Partners not Enemies: Creating Effective Public and Private Partnership
• Grill the Gurus! Challenge the experts on how best to achieve success in the current climate?
• Site visit of 22@Barcelona with guides from Hines and 22@

For more information and to register go to (HYPERLINK)http://www.uli.org/Events/Conferences/Europe/Barcelona/Barcelona2008/ULI%20at%20Barcelona%20Meeting%20Point.aspx


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