3rd Edition

Central Europe Meeting Point

Warsaw, April 22nd- 24th, 2008
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Official Events
Day   Time   Location   Description
22/04/2008   19:00 - 20:00   Foyer Grand Ballroom  
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Welcome Cocktail
22/04/2008   20:30 -   (By invitation only)  

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The Presidents' Dinner
23/04/2008   8:30 - 09:45   Baltic Room  
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Plenary Breakfast
Featuring Brian O'Brien, Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers, on "CEE vs Rest of the World"
23/04/2008   10:00 - 11:00   Grand Ballroom  
Official Opening
Olgierd Dziekonski, Poland’s Under Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructures, will open CEMP 2008 with a presentation on "Making Poland Investment-friendly", and Michael MacBrien, Director General of the EPF, will offer a conference on "How The EU Commission Can Affect Property Business in CEE".
23/04/2008   12:45 - 14:15   Kometa Room  
Commercial Session of Pekao Bank S.A.
“Housing development the Polish way”: an Interactive Forum to exchange opinions and experience with Spanish developers active on the Polish real estate market

There is much more to housing development in Poland than just building and selling. A specific and rather obscure legal environment, incomprehensible and unpredictable formal procedures, difficult negotiations with contractors and suppliers, shortage of attractive and ready-to-build land - are just a sample of the tough challenges that developers in Poland are facing every day. Yet despite all this supply is gradually growing in most Polish cities. But this is merely half-way down the road to success. Commercialization in uncertain market conditions is what really proves a developer’s skills. If only we could predict where this market is heading… 

This session will have as speakers Marek Koziarek, Managing Director, Pekao Bank SA Commercial Real Estate Finance Department; Piotr Ciborek, Deputy Director, Pekao Bank SA Housing Developer Finance; Piotr Kwadrans, Director, Pekao Bank SA Housing Developer Finance; Maciej Mosiej, President, Fadesa Prokom Polska; Adam D?bkowski, Vice President, Fadesa Prokom Polska, and Pawe? Putkowski, General Director, Sando Inmobiliaria.

23/04/2008   14:00 - 16:00   Baltic Room  
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Plenary Luncheon
"How to Get Debt-Financed in CEE These Days"
24/04/2008   08:30 - 09:45   Baltic Room  
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Plenary Breakfast

Featuring Wladyslaw Brzeski, Partner of REAS, on " The Residential Markets in Central & Eastern Europe".

24/04/2008   11:30 -   Baltic Room  
Property developers and buyers financing in variable economical environment
How the latest changes to global financial stability have influence on local markets and local financial institutions ? What does it mean for real estate developers and investors? What is the attitude of the banks to mitigate the risks of an even more wrenching developments?
In this presentation attendees will be carry through actual structures and terms of financing real estate projects.

Chaired by Ryszard Mroz
24/04/2008   14:15 - 16:00   Baltic Room  
Luncheon-Plenary Closing
"New Areas and Projects in The City of Warsaw" with Kazimierz Kirejczyk, President, REAS.
24/04/2008   16:00 - 18:30    
"Visit to Warsaw's Leading Projects"
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